Finance Transformation

• Finance Strategy & Vision

• Finance Function Effectiveness

• Working Capital Management

• Sourcing & Supplier Management

• ERP & Systems Selection

• MI & Modelling

Merlin’s Finance Transformation practice helps Finance Functions to address the most critical priorities in support of creating value to the business.


Our proven Finance Function Effectiveness methodology provides the insight to identify and prioritise strategic and tactical improvements to the finance operating model and ways of working.


Our team provide a range of services and solutions that assist Finance Executives with assessing their finance strategy and vision. Leveraging many years’ worth of practical experience, we help design and implement priority changes to the finance organisation, processes, systems and reporting to improve the overall value of finance.


We have specific solutions around Financial Modelling; Working Capital Management; Sourcing and Supplier Management; ERP & Systems Selection; Fast Close; Automating Financial Reconciliations; and Outsourcing the Finance Function.


We also have a real strength on enhancing the Management Information produced by Finance teams to understand performance and shape decision making. In this domain we are led by the business imperatives and needs, often developing key measures aligned to new business priorities. Our team has experience of the leading reporting tools for Corporate Performance Management from the simplest to the most enterprise-wide.


Our collaborative approach is designed to involve client staff shaping the design and implementation approach with knowledge transfer built-in.  We also provide tailored training and coaching of client staff on our tools and techniques which supports continuous improvement efforts.

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