We are a Board-engaged consultancy practice which brings connected experience to make immediate impacts on business thinking, direction and performance.  Our team’s skillset is focused towards C-Suite decision makers that benefit from independent, trusted advisory support. We invest in learning about what’s happening in the market so we can be innovative for our clients. We connect our clients to all sorts of ideas, suppliers and organisations without any vested interest. We have honest conversations with our clients whether it costs us work or not.


Our years of experience means we have seen many of the problems businesses have faced and seen how these have been addressed successfully but we never pre-judge the solution and pre-pack it for the client without rigorously examining the specific problem and assessing the feasibility of the solutions. We are unafraid to call in and manage expertise to supplement our team – we do not learn on the job at the clients’ expense.

Our close-knit Director and Associate team work together out of partner offices across the UK and Ireland with the best infrastructure but without the expensive overheads that exist for our big-firm counterparts. Meet our Directors below who work closely with our global network of over 40 trusted Associates plus a number of strategic partners across a range of disciplines and sectors.

Bill Kane

Chief Executive Officer

Our CEO, Bill Kane, brings over 35 years of Director and Consulting Experience and is enjoying applying his energies to this exciting commercial venture. Bill is partial to a game of golf or two.

Former CEO of PLC

Business performance diagnostic 

Business transformation

Benchmarking and Planning

Operational due diligence

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Paul Gilmour


Paul has substantial finance and operations transformation and change experience across a broad range of sectors including many large and listed international businesses.  Cycling, running and two young kids keeps Paul on his toes!

Transformation and change

Organisation design

Business process re-engineering

Sourcing and supplier management

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Doug Moodie


Doug has broad financial experience and track record running a number of businesses across a range of sectors. He helps clients realise a more positive value-add to their processes and delivery.

CFO agenda and finance transformation

Risk management

Cyber security and GDPR

Cost reduction programmes

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Jim Muir


Jim is a 'numbers guy' and is proud of being a CA. He especially enjoys that coming as news to people who know him.  Although he has not always been in Financial Services, once he got there he was hooked! Having spent many years in regulation and compliance as well as finance, he took (more racy?) senior roles in operations in stockbroking and private wealth management which positioned him ideally for his broad career in consulting and as a NXD.  As well as his enthusiasm for his clients and Boards, including a children's charity, Jim is an avid football and rugby league fan and loves all things Spain and Spanish.

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Elliot Gilmour

Elliot is MD of Merlin’s sister company, and has over 20 years' commercial experience.  He believes people are central to all transformation projects,and is inspired to help effect real change.  In addition to joining Bill on the golf course, Elliot enjoys spectating sports and supporting his kids passions for playing rugby, football, hockey and gymnastics.


Lean transformation

Continuous improvement

Value stream analysis

Capital performance

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Victoria Russell


Victoria provides business and executive coaching experience to clients helping them to reposition, transform or improve operations and people. She celebrates her heritage by cooking (and eating!) Italian meals for  friends.

Cultural change

Strategic repositioning 

High performing teams

Communication and branding

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